Small Business Marketing Online, on an affordable plan.

MetalsmithIt is no longer enough for Small Business Marketing to rely on the phone book, the local paper or signage to promote products or services. Most potential customers these days do a Google search to find the product or service they require, even if they see it first on TV. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you are missing out on valuable business.

Many small businesses have resisted the call to invest in a serious online marketing program, and if they have finally decided to do something about it, some make a token attempt by either trying to do it themselves, getting a mate to do it for free, or getting the cheapest one they can, without really thinking about what they are trying to achieve.

Small Business MarketingThe DYI sites have little or no ability to contain serious SEO (Search Engine Optimization), nor do the free ones from the mates most of the time, and you won’t get a cheap designer to put in the effort or knowledge that is needed to establish quality organic SEO to maintain a prominent showing on the front page of a Google search for the products or services which you provide.

Even if you do manage to fluke a good showing on Google for a popular key word search, you then need to have a quality website with quality content to stand out in the group on the front page. If a potential customer happens to click on your website, but then is not impressed with what they find, they will click off and go to another. So you only have a reasonably small window of opportunity to impress the customer.

For this you need a quality web designer and content copywriter. Both to be found at Marketronics.

We know that it is sometimes difficult to find a spare few thousand dollars to achieve what you need from an online marketing program. So at Marketronics we offer a marketing system on a payment plan. Starting from $100 per month we can provide you with a quality web presence and advice on how to get the best from it. We can even show you how to maintain it yourself if you wish.

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